Memories of the Market

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Memories of the Market

Memories of the Market was a film screening held on the 7th June at the Lost Theatre in Stockwell, London.  The screening was part of the London Festival of Architecture and focused on the theme of memory.

Outside the theatre colourful fruit and vegtables from New Covent Garden Market were available for guests to enjoy.  I nibbled on strawberries and peaches.  The series of artworks I created inspired by the Market were exhibited on the stairs leading to the cinema.  Just below my works, a garland of carrots and vegtables decorated the stairs.  The film comprised of ten mini documentaries followed by a panel discussion.  I really enjoyed learning more about the creative journey of Clive Boursnell and how he has documented the Market over the course of 40 years.  Hearing the architects of the new building and the old building speak was fascinating.  I feel so pleased to have collaborated with Chocolate Films to capture my inspirations of a building and moment in time that has now passed.  It has been an inspirational project.  I look forward to sharing the film on my website soon.

James Brewer wrote a lovely article about the evening ‘Memories from the Market,’ All About Shipping, 10th June 2017  Article


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