Keeping Connected!

Living in Kuwait has made me appreciate how important it is to remain connected with other artists. There are not many creatives in Kuwait and it can be a lonely place during the hot summer. I am pleased to have been accepted as a member to both ArtCan and the Printmakers Council. I look forward to exhibiting and being actively engaged with these organisations. I am delighted to have been invited to become a full member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Kuwait Television

Great to see Kuwaiti Television Second Home Episode 119 covering the Kuwaiti British Art Exhibition. An inspirational project to be part of ūüôā

Drawing and dresses

Delighted to have a commissioned drawing of a bridal bouquet I completed earlier this year exhibited in Boa Boutique in Richmond upon Thames.  Lovely to have a look at all of the pretty dresses!  Boa Boutique

Sunny Days

Lovely to see one of my Blossom graphite with lino print drawings in Close Up Magazine July 2017 edition.

Memories of the Market

Memories of the Market was a film screening held on the 7th June at the Lost Theatre in Stockwell, London. ¬†The screening was part of the London Festival of Architecture and focused on the theme of memory. Outside the theatre colourful fruit and vegtables from New Covent Garden Market were available for guests to enjoy. ¬†I nibbled on strawberries and peaches. ¬†The series of artworks I created inspired by the Market were exhibited on the stairs leading to the cinema. ¬†Just below my works, a garland of carrots and vegtables decorated the stairs. ¬†The film comprised of ten mini documentaries …

Filming in the Studio

I am collaborating with Chocolate Films to create a short documentary as part of the 1000 Londoners project. ¬†This exciting program creates a unique digital portrait of our city. ¬†It offers an insight into the lives of 1000 people who consider themselves to be Londoners, taking in all ages, religions, race, income, interests and opinions. ¬†Each week, a profile of a Londoner is posted on the home page. ¬†The profile contains a 3 minute film that gives an insight into the life of the Londoner, as well as their own personal photos of London and some answers to crucial questions …

Membership SGFA

I delivered my portfolio on Saturday to Conway Hall for consideration. ¬†I spent the four hours prior to collection of my portfolio exploring the Print Room in The British Museum and trying Japanese savoury pancakes at Abeno Restaurant (really delicious). ¬†On my return to Conway Hall I was delighted to be invited to become an an associate member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art – The Drawing Society. I look forward to showing artwork with the society at Draw 16, 95th Annual Open Exhibition 3-15 October 2016 held in the Menier gallery, Southwark Street, London – more details to …

Transplanting the Flower Market

I keep returning to New Covent Garden Flower Market. ¬†However, with the forthcoming move of the Market to a new building in October 2016 I feel now is the time to move the project forward. I have continued to research the history, people, politics, locations and buildings of the Flower Market. My project has developed from creating artwork that purely documents a moment in time to exploring the idea of a permanent market that moves.¬† I have become fascinated by the notion of transplanting this incredible market. I used to see the Flower Market as a landscape of flowers in …