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Ballinglen Arts Foundation

I have returned from windswept County Mayo in Ireland where I was awarded a Fellowship from Ballinglen Arts Foundation.  I was given a wonderful studio with north facing windows and a characterful cottage.  I have always dreamt of time and space away from all distractions to focus entirely on my work.  At first I found this confronting.  However once I began drawing, exploring the area, meeting other artists and locals, I loved it!

The harsh Atlantic winds sculpt the landscape.  Trees arch at unusual angles hanging on for dear life and the cliffs are monumental.  I began collecting plants and taking them back to the studio to draw as I normally would do at home.  However, the work lacked the energy of the landscape and felt out of context.  Drawing outside, hearing the wind rage through the plants and seeing the movement of the grasses helped me to free up my drawing.  No longer was I drawing a still life and I could not approach my work in exactly the same way.  The combination of dark ominous grey skies, bright emerald green fields, walls made up of stones at juxtaposing angles and the movement of the plants in the wind captivated me.  I created eighty very small mixed media drawings on paper.

Looking at my drawings back home in London I can see a huge development in my work.  I think my drawing has become more expressive and confident.  I am excited to return in 2016 to complete my Fellowship.  To view artwork please click here.

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