Merry Merry!

I hope this all finds you very well and getting in the festive spirit.  It feels like a lifetime since I shared an update.  I had a baby boy at the start of the pandemic in Kuwait which was an adventure to say the least!  We have returned home to the uk and are enjoying our first chilly winter for while. I could not find plant inspired baubles for our Christmas tree.  So, I have taken my drawings off the page and onto porcelain baubles.  Please do take a look at my new Etsy shop where you will find a small collection for sale.  …

Keeping Connected!

Living in Kuwait has made me appreciate how important it is to remain connected with other artists. There are not many creatives in Kuwait and it can be a lonely place during the hot summer. I am pleased to have been accepted as a member to both ArtCan and the Printmakers Council. I look forward to exhibiting and being actively engaged with these organisations. I am delighted to have been invited to become a full member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art.

Exhibition Photographs: Abolish Article 153

Images of Abolish Article 153 Exhibition 2019 held in Yarmouk Cultural Center, Kuwait. 28 April -2 May. A wonderful experience to exhibit with a diverse and talented groups of artists all considering the theme of women’s empowerment.

Printing Kuwait in London

I have been looking for maps of Kuwait to draw on and incorporate into my work. I could not find what I was looking for and decided to print my own. I visited London Print Studio during my recent trip home and created screen printed maps. I chose the two colours that for me are most prominent in Kuwait – blue and ochre. I look forward to playing with these maps on my return to Kuwait.

Abolish Article 153 Exhibition

Article 153 in Kuwait states that if a man murders his wife, daughter or sister after apprehending them in an adulterous act he is only subject to the penalty of man slaughter. This is 15 KD (£37) or 3 years jail time. I spotted an interesting call for artists on Instagram to create artwork for an Abolish Article 153 Exhibition. Empowering Women is the theme. I love a challenge and began playing with ideas around Article 153. I layered a drawing of flowers on top of 15KD (3 x 5KD notes). The flowers could be a bridal bouquet or represent …

Open House, Kuwait

I am delighted to show my work alongside German artist Anina Von Winterfeld and Jordanian sculptor Anees Maani.  I am exhibiting collages inspired by the Byan Botanical Gardens in Kuwait.  Kuwait is like a treasure hunt.  I find it challenging to locate places or see things clearly.  Byan Botanical Gardens were an inspirational find.  They are positioned within Byan Palace and open once a week, on a Thursday between 9am – 1pm.  It feels like a secret tropical garden.  Using ink pens I drew lush, green plants during several visits to the Gardens.  I layered and stitched fabric over the …

Kuwait Television

Great to see Kuwaiti Television Second Home Episode 119 covering the Kuwaiti British Art Exhibition. An inspirational project to be part of 🙂

Kuwaiti-British Floral Art Exhibition

The British Embassy have launched a year of celebrations to mark the 120th anniversary of the British-Kuwaiti Friendship Treaty in mid-January 2019 with a KUWAITI-BRITISH FLORAL ART EXHIBITION. This was opened at a private reception by Sheikha Altaf of Sadu House and the distinguished British gardener, Rosemary Alexander. A combination of British and Kuwaiti artists have been working together, basing their work on flowers found in the garden of the British Embassy.Members of the Kuwait Textile Arts Association (KTAA), including prize winning quilter Hanan Alkazemi, will participate. British floral artist Venetia Norris, the Kuwaiti painter May Alnoury will also be …