Urban beauty SW15

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Urban beauty SW15

I am excited to be exhibiting work at Century21 in Putney during Artists Open House in October 2017.  During one of our meetings we discussed the idea of removing the property details from the stylish display and replacing with my artwork.  I had no work the correct size and began thinking about what 16 pieces I could create for this location.  On my walk back to the studio I admired several roses in lovely gardens.  They were probably the last blooms of the summer.  I returned and drew several roses using pen and ink.  I developed these drawings into screenprints.  In my studio I used large brushes to create bold textured areas of colour to print ontop.  I cannot wait to see the prints in their new location.

Artists Open House 2017: 7-8 October and 14-15 October 2017 10am – 6pm

Location Century21 Putney, 140 Upper Richmond Road, SW15 2SW

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