To the point

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To the point

The first thing I do each morning in the studio is to sharpen my pencils.  I have many and I am very particular about how I like them to be.  I suppose it is a ritual of sorts.  At art school I was told to throw away my sharpener and use a knife, which was considered far superior.

This habit remains and I slowly rotate the pencil while cutting to create a sharp even point.  I like the different sounds.  Slicing through the wood has a lower tone in comparison to the higher pitched noise of carving through graphite.  For me, it’s important to expose a large area of graphite so I can use both the side and tip to draw with.  Often I use the point for detail and sides for shading.  I find the process of preparing my pencils for the day ahead completely absorbing and begin work straight after.

I am not alone in sharpening my pencils the ‘old fashioned way’ there are over 4000 videos on You Tube, many books dedicated to this topic and specialist pencil shops worldwide.

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