Prints in progress

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Prints in progress

I was awarded a place on the artist development professional program called London Creative Network.  My intention was to translate my drawings into print.  I chose to learn about the lithographic process because I like the rich velvet lines and varied tonal qualities that could be created.  I really enjoy the different steps involved in creating a lithograph – processing the stone, drawing directly onto limestone, etching and printing.  I found the stone to be a wonderful material to draw upon.  It is cold to touch but then warms up. The grease pencils easily leave a mark and glide on the surface.  I became interested in the limestone I was drawing on and plants that grow on it.  This led me to begin drawing fern and other lime loving plants.  Due to limestone being heavy I brought fern to the stone in order to draw from life.  I had no idea the process of lithography would influence and inspire my work.  I plan for this to be an ongoing project.

These are photographs I took throughout the printing process.  This print titled ‘Beginnings’ will be exhibited at London Creative Network Showcase, PV Thursday 19 January 6-9pm, Open Friday 20 & Saturday 21 January 12-6pm.  Venue: SPACE Mare Street.  London Creative Network. 

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