Exploring Lithography

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Exploring Lithography

As part of my collaboration with London Creative Network I am creating a series of original prints.  The quality of line created using Lithography printing caught my eye in Paris when viewing prints created by Toulouse-Lautrec.  The rich, velvet, tonal lines that are communicated in each print intrigued me.  It was wonderful to draw upon stone and create a print lithography.  The process is based on the principle that oil and water do not mix.  Special drawing materials with high grease content, similar to materials used for drawing are applied onto a surface which is then chemically altered so that the image area becomes attracted to the grease and the non-image area becomes attracted to water.

My intention is for the prints to be exhibited as part of London Creative Showcase  Dates: 19 January preview evening, open Friday 20 & Saturday 21 January 2017 Venue: SPACE 129–131 Mare Street, Hackney London, E8 3RH

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