Abolish Article 153 Exhibition

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Abolish Article 153 Exhibition

Article 153 in Kuwait states that if a man murders his wife, daughter or sister after apprehending them in an adulterous act he is only subject to the penalty of man slaughter. This is 15 KD (£37) or 3 years jail time.

I spotted an interesting call for artists on Instagram to create artwork for an Abolish Article 153 Exhibition. Empowering Women is the theme. I love a challenge and began playing with ideas around Article 153. I layered a drawing of flowers on top of 15KD (3 x 5KD notes). The flowers could be a bridal bouquet or represent a woman. I wanted to incorporate the exact amount of KD that is the penalty for man slaughter into the artwork to consider the value of a life.

The exhibition will be held in The Hub Gallery in April. For more information about Abolish Article 153 please click here.

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